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It‘s been quite a while since I have been actively involved with photography.

Of course I never lost my interest in the subject, but I have not produced any serious work for a few years now.

Today I still work mainly with people and I believe that my previous profession as a designer and especially as a photographer played a major role in acquiring the structured approaches and social skills that make me successful in my current line of business.

After being invited to take part in the London exhibition „east end promise“ in October 2010 and meeting old friends who did not defect from the art world as myself, I began to feel an urge to get creatively involved again by actually implementing some of the concepts that I have been developing just on paper over the last years.

But while I am still working on these new ideas, I will use this space to vent some of these thoughts and to create a small online archive of previous work.

So please feel invited to revisit the site to check on its progress and maybe even enter into a discussion.

- June 2012 -